Nigerians Set For Global Protests Tagged “Days of Agitation”

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Nigerians in Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain and other European countries will on September 18, be embarking on another round of protest marches as part of an international campaign to spotlight the Nigerian governments’ undermining of democratic rights with the clampdown of dissenting voices, state’s hostility, brutality and unwarranted detention, meted on peaceful protesters across the country and the re-branding of decree 2, using anti-terrorism act. Their message: #FreeSoworeNow

The leadership of the Coalition for Revolution (CORE) had earlier stated that “the Mohammadu Buhari’s administration and the APC leadership have decided to take “our democracy” to an all-time low, as he labels his administration critics as terrorists, hanging on them phantom charges of treason, which they are never prepared to pursue but using it to silence opposition and to achieve unlawful detention without trial. This is nothing, but an act of tyranny.

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