EP 17: Logistics solutions: Oya Now and Waxi offer tech-based, marine alternatives

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Despite being surrounded by water, Lagos state is yet to fully explore the waterways as a daily means of transportation. Commuters are also finding it tough navigating the city, with statistics submitting that Lagosians spend an average of 6 hours daily in traffic. However, entrepreneurs like Andrew Olana, have been investing in water transportation to ease Lagos’ traffic congestion problem, while making a living.  

A team of five friends have built a solution to a challenge they once faced: finding an all in one online logistics company. They built an app called Oya Now to serve as a courier and an e-hailing service, and have been recording giant strides with the opening of three branches in Lagos, Kano and Abuja.

Startups tells of the struggles and triumphs of Nigerian entrepreneurs. The program goes on a search for risk takers and finds out how young Nigerians are solving problems by providing a service or selling a product.

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