Beauty On A Budget: Looking Good Without Breaking Vaults!

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The festive season is here again with Christmas parties and red carpet events taking centre stage . For most women, looking good is it ! But how do you ‘Slay’ without necessarily drilling a hole in your purse or breaking into the bank ?

The Nigerian fashion and cosmetics market is expanding with some women constantly seeking ways to satisfy their quest for beauty.

Gist Nigeria tells the story of a few of these fashion enthusiasts making a difference.

Gist Nigeria highlights the argument on both sides of the divide to get a clearer understanding of what the bill seeks to achieve and its implication.

Gist Nigeria is a 30-minute current affairs programme, co-produced by Channels Television and the BBC. The program offers in-depth reporting, focusing on stories behind the news and their impact on its audience.

Gist Nigeria airs at 9pm on Wednesdays on
Channels TV and Channels 24 (UK) on Sky 518.

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