Silence On Herdsmen Killings: Enough Grounds For President’s Impeachment

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The Nigeria Bar Association (NBA), Ikeja Branch held a press conference regarding the issue of Benue Killings.

Chairman of NBA, Ikeja Branch Mr Adesina Ogunlana talks about the government destabilising itself by keeping silent regarding this issue and that the reason and responsibility in duty of government is to ensure the safety of the people.

He also spoke about the federal government trying to put blame on the governors and giving them a bad name and that the government need to wake up and not wait till 2019 when the government is going to be voted out or voted in.

Mr. Adesina also warned the government that whatever happens to one part of the country can spread to the other parts of the country and that the failure of the government to rise to this issue of the killings is enough to impeach the President.

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