Reduce Your Jumbo Salary Or Face The Anger Of The Masses- Activists Warn NASS

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Nigerian parliament members receives highest pay. 469 members 360 house of reps
4.68Billion welcome package is worrisome. there should have been a drastic change about the huge sum of money received by the at the expense of the Nigerian economy.

On Tuesday, a press conference was held by some activist in Lagos warning the National Assembly members about the coming of the anger of the masses.
Hence, breaking down the allowances and take home salary, these activists urge the member of the National House of Assembly to be patriotic enough, show some human conscience and cut their allowances in order to better the economy of Nigeria.

Further speaking with Sahara TV, they said all members can afford a lot of things individually before becoming the Member of the National assembly, so why are they shifting the burden to state.
“Findings showed that, there are about fifteen itemized allowances apart from the take home salary. Here by accumulating to a sum of N13.5million per senator,” they said.

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