Khafi and Tito Speak On Standard Of Beauty

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Khafi Kareem a British-Nigerian vlogger on #CupofKhafi meets Tito Ibeleme, a Nigerian creative makeup artist to discuss the standard of beauty in today’s society. More than ever, society is putting a lot of pressure on women to focus on beauty and their overall physical attractiveness. Women are made to feel and act insufficient without makeup. This creates a certain level of insecurity in women, making them unable to leave their comfort zones without makeup on. The standard of beauty should be reassessed, especially for the younger generation of women. Beauty should not be portrayed to meet the white ideology. It should not revolve around physical attractiveness alone. Each female should be allowed to express her own standard of beauty and not be cajoled to match up to the Kardashians of this world. Nevertheless, confidence in one’s self is the best standard of beauty anyone can have.

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