Humanitarian Crisis Brewing In Nigeria As Cameroonian Security Forces Clampdown On Activists

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On the 22nd of September violence became more intense in Southern Cameroon as the Paul Biya government clamped down on Ambazonian activists and many defenseless Cameroonians have been fleeing into Nigeria.

These displaced persons have been seeking refuge in Nigerian communities close to the border. The families in these villages have become the care givers of these a.

This refugees come with tales of terror. They speak of killings, crossing rivers and spending days in the forest.

Over 29,000 refugees have come into Nigeria since the influx. An estimate of 28,000 are in Cross River alone. These displaced persons all had lives. There were schools to attend, farms to till and homes to nurture. All these were violently lost, when trade union leaders felt it was time to revolt against the perceived ‘assimilation’ policies of the French speaking majority.

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