Dr. Damages Show – episode 367: El-Rufai’s Body Bags & the choice facing Nigeria

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Over 88 million Nigerians are going to the polls this week to elect a president that will manage the affairs of 180 million Nigerians for the next four years. Dr. Damages breaks down the choices facing Nigeria in this special edition of the show. As National Association of Nigerian Witches endorsed its favorite candidate, the National Association of Nigerian Prostitutes was not left out. Dr. Damages looks at the reasons behind the choices these two influential groups made and what it means for the presidential candidates. In one of those moments of el-Rufai being el-Rufai, the governor of Kaduna State threatened to have foreigners who intervene in Nigeria’s election taken away in body bags. For those who have forgotten el-Rufai’s pedigree, Dr. Damages presents a quick reminder. Ugabdan tourism minister is up to something unique. Dr Damages tells you. The good doctor answers your emails and presents to you news headlines.

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