Dr. Damages Show, episode 329: Buhari Fiddles While Nigeria Burns

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A Tanzanian maize thief finds himself unable to bring down a bag of maize he stole from a farm. While Africans laugh, Dr. Damages sees in the drama the ultimate solution to Africa’s corruption problems. Zimbabwean position leader, Nelson Chamisa will offer the hand of his 18-year-old sister in marriage to President Emmerson Mnangagwa if the president wins 5% of the votes in the upcoming election. Every African man should watch as Dr. Damages comes to Mr. Chamisa’s defense on charges of sexism. President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria went for his fifth medical tourism to the United Kingdom in three years. In violation of his hippopotamus oath, Dr. Damages accidentally reveals what is wrong with the president. Nigeria’s Vice President receives accolades for eating with poor students. Dr. Damages smashes the VP’s bubble with Atiku’s copyright. As usual, the good doctor gives you headline news across Africa and responses to your emails.

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