Dr. Damages Show – Ep 377: Buhari perambulates while Zamfara Burns

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Pastor Alph Lukan’s own Lazarus, Eliot dies again. Dr. Damages thinks we should not write him off until 3 days after burial. The killings in Zamfara has got to the point where journalist Kadaria Ahmed stepped out to protest. She blamed the governor of the state calling him the worst governor in the history of Nigeria. “Who is the 2nd worst?” Dr. Damages asked. Dr. Damages tells you what Aliko Dangote and Floyd Mayweather have in common? And the good doctor presents a simple way you can get where they are? If you have to put out fire, what is the best liquid to use? It depends on what continent you live in. Dr. Damages explains why Africans put out fire with the blood of Jesus. While Africans are still sleeping, China is continuing its take over of the continent. Dr. Damages presents an African leader speaking out for our ancestors to hear his voice. Pastor Ayo Oristejafor quest for $450,000 shows that the hustle is for real. Your good doctor presents news headlines and responds to your emails.

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