Dr. Damages Show – ep 340: Saraki Foils Buhari’s Coup; Ghost Owners float Nigeria Air

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Zimbabweans go to the polls to elect a new president. It is the first election since independence that won’t have Robert Mugabe as a candidate. Dr. Damages profiles the candidates and their chances. In Kenya, the government tears down a section of Kibera slum to make way for a road. With 30,000 people rendered homeless, Dr. Damages recalls his visit to the slum last year. Talking of slums, Nigerian politicians jump from one slum to another in a party defection scandal that is rocking Nigeria’s democracy. Dr. Damages presents behind the scene intrigues of the coup, the counter coup and the civil war that is now raging. Nigeria’s Super eagles’ coach is caught on camera collecting bribe while Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanemere is seen delivering life-altering anointing in Onitsha. As Nigeria’s national air carrier resurrects with ghost owners, Dr. Damages explains why he wants the new airline to survive even as Oby Ezekwesili prays that it fails. As usual, your good doctor gives you the news headlines and responses to your emails.

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