Dr. Damages Show- ep 336: Killings in Plateau State, Rwanda-scale Genocide loading in Nigeria

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With President Buhari urging Nigerians to pray for security while citizens are killed in their hundreds, men, women, children, travellers passing through the fast expanding areas of carnage involving Fulani-herdsmen and farmers, Dr. Damages warns that the genocide test runs are over. Next in the never ending series of killings and revenge killings would be a full-scale Rwandan-like genocide that would shock the world. With Buhari helpless, not even able to fire his incompetent security chiefs, the National Assembly is busy increasing their already bloated budget, adding N578bn to the budget. Dr. Damages wonders when Nigerians will know how screwed up things are. Your good doctor gives kudos to people doing things about the situation – from Oby Ezekwesili to Pastor David Oyedepo. As usual, he gives you news headlines and responds to your emails.

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