Dr. Damages Show -381: Buhari & his team – Clueless in Abuja

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Defeated and retiring politicians across the 36 states of Nigeria are in a massive rush to award themselves millions and millions of naira in crazy lifetime retirement packages. Dr. Damages explains what it means in the long run and how it impacts the state’s ability to meet their obligations, including paying the minimum wage. In matters after another, Buhari’ and his team in Abuja have shown themselves to be clueless. A case in point is the insecurity problem in Nigeria. From Buhari to his media team, to his imam in Aso Rock, they have shown to be clueless about the needs of a 21 century nation and her citizens. South Africans went to the polls and elected ANC’s Cyril Ramaphosa President. Dr. Damages compares him with Buhari of Nigeria and explains why he is South Africa’s last hope. If he succeeds, Dr. Damages sees a formula that could be used across Africa.

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