Dr. Damages Show – 304: Tithes & Paradise Papers: Stealing by other names

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Under one condition, Jersey Island is willing to return $300 million that Sani Abacha stole from Nigeria and hid in the tax haven. Dr. Damages proposes an additional condition. But will Buhari accept it? Your answer is as good as mine. Besides videos of Biafran activists being attacked by police, there is another video that Pres. Buhari will definitely not be interested in watching. Dr. Damages shows you the video and explains the impact that it has in the making of a nation called Nigeria.

From Panama Papers to Paradise Papers, African political leaders continue to be caught in various schemes they used to steal the people’s money. For instance, the name of Nigeria’s Senate President, Bukola Saraki, was in the two papers. Dr. Damages examines African nations’ wealth and how politicians turn it into private wealth. In a similar story, Pastor Adeboye and OAP Daddy Freeze clash over pastors turning public wealth into private wealth via tithes.

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