Buhari Honors Abiola: Saraki Reads Riot Act

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In Burkina Faso, scientists are at the verge of eliminating malaria. In Kenya, the government is deploying lie dictator machine in its effort to eliminate corruption. In Nigeria, selfish leaders are deploying every ploy in the book for self-preservation. In an intersection of politics and crime, the brutal gang of armed robbers who killed 33 people in Offa operation implicated Nigeria’s Senate President Bukola Saraki as their sponsor. It kicked off a furry of activities that has no end in sight. Dr. Damages uses his hammerscope to diagnose the actors. As the drum of impeachment once again beats for President Buhari, Dr. Damages brings in House of Representative member, Hon. Gudaji Kazaure to draw a line in the sand. The good doctor gives you news headlines and responses to your emails.

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