60% Of Donated Blood In Nigeria Comes From Paid Donors

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Blood donation saves million of lives every year.

The World Health Organisation has said that from the year 2020 all blood donation should be gotten from voluntary blood donors.

Lagos State Blood Transfusion Services and
LifeBank Nigeria create awareness and reorientate people by going to the market, corporate organisations, public places and schools to talk about why people should donate blood because it helps save lives of people which includes pregnant women who die from postpartum hemorrhage, accident victims and those with sickle cell, hemophilia, etc.

Blood donors are eligible to donate blood from the age of 18-65 years old. Being a voluntary blood donor reduces the cost of blood for patients who need it.

Blood is not drawn from pregnant women, breast nursing mothers, women on their menstrual period and blood donors with tattoos are expected to wait until after 6 months after their tattoo has been drawn.

Heroes come in all types and sizes, a single pint can save 3 lives, a single gesture can create a million smiles…Save A Life Today

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